January 26, 2013


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This just in: According to numerous pundits, the recent inaugural address of President Obama was revealing as to his progressive, leftist agenda. It was divisive, addressed classic liberal issues, and was seen by many as traditional and uninspiring rhetoric from the left.

Many felt that Obama had finally revealed who he was, a committed progressive and radical leftist.

This is amusing to those of us who identified him as a radical prior to the 2008 election. A few conservative pundits like Limbaugh, Savage and Hannity, as well as reformed progressives like former Ramparts magazine editor, David Horowitz, understood who Obama was. It was simply a matter of examining his background, his work as a community organizer, his church affiliation with a racist America hater and his associations with people who were the most radical, violent and divisive during the upheaval of the 1960’s.

On the other hand, most media thought he was a moderate, a unifier, a man who would transcend race and partisan politics. There were countless columns and TV appearances during his first term proclaiming that, like Bill Clinton, Obama would soon be moving to the political center as a moderate.

His personal charm convinced many that he was a unifier and a reasonable man who would lead us to new heights in America. He would bring us together!

For those of us familiar with radical left politics, socialist and communist thought, and the divisive tactics of Obama mentor, Saul Alinsky, the idea of him moving to the center was an absurdity. An impossibility. A joke.

In truth, most in the liberal media are in line with Obama’s radicalism. They protected him in 2008 and refused to examine his background. They have continued to protect him as a hallowed, historical figure. They are the essence of intellectual corruption, and are true enemies of our country.

Any conservative that runs against the progressive Democratic machine will have to attack the leftist media in order to have a chance to be fairly heard, let alone win on the national level.

But, now Obama is “revealed” as a radical leftist, a basic reality all along. He had been cleverly packaged as a moderate by professional liars like David Axelrod. A majority of the American people, hoping for a new way, tired of the old, bought into this and elected him in 2008. Hope! Change!

Many voted to endorse his agenda of “Transforming America” without realizing what it really meant.

In 2012, given his dismal record as President, the strategy shifted to more classic leftist tactics of hating the rich, namely the decent Mitt Romney. The campaign played upon the lurking emotion of hate within many voters. The Obama record was the fault of the rich, the successful (unless they were Democratic campaign contributors) and the intransigent Republicans in Congress. Wall Street, the Banks, Big Oil!

That was why Obama’s greatness was not realized in the first term.  Being such a great man, it must have been somebody else’s fault. Blame them, not the President.  Mitt bullied some kid as a teen, Ann Romney’s horse, her expensive jacket, his money, the dog on the roof, his religion, he doesn’t relate, an unfair playing field! Oh the injustice of it all! Y’all back in chains!

And this strategy worked for over 51% of the voters who kept him in office, despite one of the worst economic records in history, including a high unemployment rate. Hate works, especially for the low information voter (a growing segment) and the dedicated partisan. Facts do not matter to them.

So, why hasn’t Obama been up front about his real agenda? After all, he has touted transparency as a key virtue of his reign. Oddly, this virtue of transparency is irrelevant for matters such as Benghazi as this week’s Clinton testimony showed. More lies from the gang  now running America.

The video, it was the video all along! Obama has destroyed the terrorists! But the election is approaching and the shame of Benghazi must be covered up. No question, the video!

What is Obama’s real agenda, partially revealed in the inauguration speech? How is he intending, as he promised,  to “transform” our country?

One must understand his fundamental beliefs about America to comprehend the scope of Obama’s leftist agenda.

The first is that America was unjustly created by white male slave masters. Blacks were exploited for the purpose of whites securing and preserving wealth through land and crops. The Constitution itself discriminated against one group for the benefit of the powerful.

To Obama, this never stopped. It is the wealthy that exploits the middle class, but especially poor minorities who are seen as helpless victims.  The game is rigged to benefit those with assets, especially if they are white people. Black wealth is somehow a righteous triumph over the ongoing oppression of the majority.

By virtue of its existence, America is unjust and corrupt at its core.

Another key element of Obama progressive doctrine defines America as an imperialist nation. It will use military might and wealth to conquer less capable countries, exploit their resources and keep them subservient to American power. This, along with the actions of other Western European colonialists, explains the backwardness of many third world nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The inevitable corruption of America’s wealth is to seek expansion by subjugating others.

When Obama talks about ‘the 99%,” he is referring to the world, not just the US. Of course, he is not transparent about this messianic intention to support the world.

Those who saw the movie, ” 2016: Obama’s America” from Dinesh D’Souza, understand the historical origins of Obama’s fundamental hatred of the country he now leads.

For any human being, examining their past in terms of family and culture may reveal trends that translate into one’s adult life. Such information often predicts an individual’s life choices in adulthood.

Obama grew up an America hater, first with the influence of his mother and in fantasy via his Nigerian Muslim father who abandoned him. The maternal grandparents were active in the Communist Party. Obama’s stepfather, an Indonesian Muslim, was originally anti-American, with this a requirement for his mother, Stanley Ann.

In fact, Obama attended a madrasa, a Muslim school, as a child in Indonesia. These schools feature educating children to hate America and Israel in particular.

When the stepfather began changing his views in the direction of favorability toward America, Obama’s mother sent him to live with his grandparents in Hawaii. There, he was mentored by noted Communist Franklin Marshall Davis and attended an anti-American school that stressed themes of unjust foreign occupation of the Pacific Islands.

Obama’s anti-American roots are deep and strong, and these were only reinforced by his radical activities as a student and young adult. By the way, his closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, often described as “the other half of Obama’s brain,”  also grew up overseas and was not Americanized as a child.

To keep the phony moderate image going, Obama will spout platitudes about our “wonderful capitalist system.”  Like all leftists, he of course hates it. Thus business is an enemy as is success.

The belief is that the accumulation of wealth is a corrupt and unjust activity, having occurred “on the backs of the poor and middle class.” You can not be successful without having exploited someone else. It is a kind of economic original sin.

This of course explains the never-ending pounding of business, Wall Street, banks, big oil, doctors, investors and other groups of offenders. As a consummate hypocrite, Obama will gladly take their campaign dollars. But for the edification of the voters, these are the enemy. Blame them for your life.

In this logic,” it stands to reason that individual effort and success are corrupt. Therefore, all should collectively share in the bounty of another’s achievements. The redistribution of wealth is a core Obama principle. This is facilitated by enraging the voters and pushing “fair share” tax the rich policies.  The idea is that if your life is not a success, it is because there wasn’t a “level playing field.” Someone didn’t give you a chance or they rigged the game.

How, you might ask, did Obama become so successful if these things are true?

The racial component of this version of class warfare is quite clear, since Obama believes that whites constitute the primary force of exploitation.

This bigotry is evident in the actions of his racist Attorney General, Eric Holder, who refuses to bring cases of blacks violating white voter rights to the courts. Ora case in Richmond, Virginia of blacks assaulting two white newspaper reporters.

The Democratic party today is simply an extension of these radical leftist ideas, and supports such an agenda without question. Thus, we see appointments across the board of dedicated, Obama style leftists, or ambitious politicians reluctant to confront his disproven ideology.

Since the wealthy and successful have either been “fortunate” (a favorite liberal code word for dismissing success) or have in fact exploited others, there must be victims. Favorite victim groups are Blacks and Hispanics. Their low educational levels, as well as high illegitimate birth rates, social dysfunction and crime rates are not the fault of the individual. It is an unjust society that has produced their actions.

You know the favorite Democrat phrase, “through no fault of their own.” How about you? Who caused your life?

We are told to “embrace cultural diversity” as if all of us are not Americans first. Make a list of cities and towns in America whose quality of life has improved because cultural diversity was “embraced.” Those who detract from the peace and security of innocent citizens and damage our communities must be called into account, not ignored or anointed as “special victims.”

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the working populace (106 million today), via taxing  mechanisms, to support the unproductive (50% on entitlement programs today), offer services and expand social programs. Like current gun control proposals, whether such programs work or not really doesn’t matter. It is socially just and that is reason enough.

Economically, it is only true economic justice if we work for the benefit of those who do not. We have never had such a huge population receiving entitlements in our country. This does not bother Obama in the least because it is his agenda. That is why he fails to speak to this as a problem in need of reform.

The more others work to support those who do not, the greater the correction of the fundamental corruption that is America by virtue of her very existence.

Obama despises capitalism as basically unfair and immoral. As multi-millionaire Obama has said, ” how much money do you need?” Some of us have replied, ” it is none of your business.”

But for radicals like Obama, everything is their business. Since they see themselves as morally superior and “caring,” it is they who know what is good for us. Thus, Obama wishes to take over health care, mandate whether we should have guns, “fix” problems ranging from obesity to climate change and decide how much is too much. For you and me. Not him and his supporters in the permanent political ruling class.

Like many liberals, Obama sees insurgent Muslims as natural allies, just like former VP Gore who sold his failing media network to the anti-American Al-Jazeera networks. Gore declined the purchase offer of a conservative American because “their views were not compatible.”

 In the case of the Palestinians, they are justly attempting to overthrow their Israeli “oppressors.” Any resistance movement of “the people” is valued and must be recognized. But Iran and its 2 million young people in the streets apparently did not count since Obama failed to utter one word of support.

Such inconsistency has been at the core of Obama and Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy initiatives. Now, Obama courts the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They have vowed to destroy the State of Israel as a tenet of their Charter.

Like some radical blacks, Obama is contemptuous of Israel and the Jewish people, unless they are blind enough to vote for him. Look at his snubbing of Netanyahu. Look at the F-16 fighter jets and tanks now on the way to Egypt. Who do you think will eventually be attacked with those weapons?

As a Muslim sympathizer, such enemies of Israel are his preferred allies. What has he done to advance the peace process? When was the last time an American president suggested that Israel return to pre 1967 borders,  a recipe for their annihilation? When has an American President so consistently sided with an enemy of Israel, even when the Israelis were under attack from enemy rockets? Answer: Never.

Recall that great liberal, Jesse Jackson, and his comment about “Hymietown” when referring to New York City. Or the head of the American Black Muslims, Louis Farrakhan, renowned hater of Jews and whites. Such contempt is justified since these groups have “exploited” the black community, helpless that it is to direct its own fate. Who is responsible for the suffering of so many?

Since Obama regards the American economy as corrupt, and the “needs” of the poor in particular as righteous and just, continuing to spend the country into a depression is not a problem. In fact, it may be morally deserved.

If such a crisis occurred, wouldn’t we want Obama at the helm, especially since he could blame the problem on someone else?

That is why he never addresses the deficit or debt issues unless it is to blame Republicans. You know, “you ran up those bills, now pay for them!” It is also why he wants unlimited control of the debt ceiling. It explains why his budgets are a joke that have not even gathered a single Democratic vote in the Senate or House for the last 3 budgets.

Remember, the 99% means the world, not just the US. How much of your hard-earned dollars do we now send to America’s enemies who are Obama’s effective allies? Would you do it if you had decision-making power?

And so our leader does not really like the country that he leads. Oh, he likes the benefits, the crowds, the adulation. In fact, given his specialness (he said he was the 4th greatest president in history…give him a few more years) we should be glad to have his great wisdom at the helm. We shouldn’t criticize such a great man.

In fact, dissenters not welcome! You will be mocked! MSNBC, CNN, Letterman, Stewart and the Obama media await!

But he hates to govern. In fact, his campaign organization has been turned into a permanent lobbying force for his socialist agenda. As of today, he is off to give campaign style speeches as to why we should embrace his agenda. Cheering crowds of the clueless will adore him!

If you resent being bashed, that is your problem. You must reform and realize your basic corruption. Yes, you worked hard and gave it your best. But, “you didn’t build it,” and are part of the problem.

Don’t you see it is the Republicans, the wealthy, the Tea Party, those who don’t pay their fair share, those who love their country, those who dare to criticize and all the other foes of “the people” who are at fault?

Obama, the economist who never held a competitive job, tells us that prosperity “comes from the middle class.” No need to explain that one. Its intended effect is to anger us at the moneyed class.

Any respected economist realizes it is an absurd idea as a way to create economic improvement, unless the middle class becomes entrepreneurial, a desirable state in a capitalist economy. But why should we if Obama’s big government “takes care” of us?

So, we are told that Obama is coming clean with some of his agenda. Many of us knew who this guy was all along. The liberal media will continue to fawn over him and ignore his radicalism. They are a large part of the problem.

The political effort by the Democrats will be the destruction of the Republican Party. Illegal aliens who now exploit our goodwill and tax dollars (23% of all prisoners are illegals…such dreamers) will be granted amnesty and will become Democratic voters. The increasing cluelessness of many Americans will facilitate a demagogue like Obama, Clinton or whoever is next in line. And the people will become increasingly numb and disengaged.

To the point, what is new with the Kardashians? Or, how many branches of government are there? A recent study of 18 – 29 year olds found that only 26% knew the answer. Perfect for Obama’s model of government by Imperial Presidency.

Or maybe not. Perhaps we will begin to wake up and understand that liberty is our right and revolutionaries like Obama and his cadres are the enemies of freedom and cannot steal it.

Perhaps we will claim our innate power as citizens of a proud Republic. Perhaps the average voter will see what the con has been and opt for something truer to their values and the truth itself.

Perhaps we will awaken and dump politicians who wish to exploit us and control our lives for their own gain.

What will it take for us? How much pain will we accept? How many lies?

Today is the starting point once again. There is no time like the present to begin awakening to what is happening in our beloved land, and to stand firmly for truth, real change and the heart of American values…


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