December 29, 2012


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We have been hearing the term ” Fiscal Cliff ” for many weeks. Some understand the implications, but many do not. In spite of endless political posturing, and biased media reporting, the limiting factor in resolving the crisis is President Obama. If he wants a solution, the Democrats will march in lockstep to support it.

On the other hand, the Republicans have proposed a number of alternatives to resolve the issues. None has been taken up by the Senate. And Obama has not responded in a meaningful way to Republican proposals.

His campaign promises to ” work across the aisle ” were of course a con to appease hopeful voters. So many of us are disgusted with partisan fighting in Washington. But, like most ideologues, Obama has not shown any inclinations in his first term for compromise.

Here is an anecdote from Bob Woodward’s recent book describing the ” Grand Bargain” negotiations of last year to ” fix the Fiscal Cliff:”

Representative Boehner (Ohio – R): “I am willing to accept $800 billion in tax increases. What do I get in return?

President Obama (D): “You get nothing. I get that for free.”

To add to the mess, the current gridlocked Congress has passed the fewest number of new laws since 1947. They have passed less than one half of the lowest total any of the previous 65 years.

Dysfunction is too mild a word, though many believe the more gridlocked a government, the better for the people. They will do less to meddle in our lives.

Regulations from the Obama administration, which do not require Congressional vote, are pouring out in record numbers. In the last 90 days, 900 new ones have been issued. So, we the people are still a target.

On the Fiscal Cliff, lots of numbers get tossed around. Here are a few:

Republicans have currently agreed to a tax increase of $800 billion over ten years on upper income citizens. They agreed on  eliminating certain tax loopholes, thus generating a total of $1.8 trillion in revenue for the government. They proposed that tax increases should be for those making $500 thousand or $1 million per year, depending on the latest proposal.

Obama said he wanted $1.8 trillion in new spending authorizations, the tax increases and no limit to the debt ceiling.  The President could spend as much as he wished. Like a giant government check, except you put in the number and then sign it.

Obama’s tax increases would affect single persons making $200 thousand or a couple making $250 thousand per year. He also wants extended unemployment benefits.

The Republicans demanded a decrease in government spending, citing an annual deficit of $1.3 trillion and a growing debt of $16.4 trillion.

Obama said that money would be saved or “cut” from the budget because of the wars ending. He offered nothing in terms of cutting existing government spending, in spite of his campaign promise of a ” balanced ” approach to fiscal management.

So, that is like saying you will save $65 thousand this year because you aren’t buying that Mercedes you had been thinking about. Make sense? Of course not. If you wanted to save money, you would reduce current expenditures. You would simply stop spending so much.

But this simple logic does not work in the world of leftist radicals like Obama and the gang. Makes too much common sense. Bad for political agendas.

And let’s not forget that the US Senate has not produced a budget in almost 4 years. They are ” required ” by law to produce an annual budget. But it appears that leftist Democrats would rather wait for Republican proposals and then shoot them down, like the Paul Ryan (R) budget. They offer nothing positive.

Senator Patty Murray (Washington – D) has publicly stated that she wants to be Chair of the Senate Budget Committee. She hastened to add that she could not guarantee there would be a budget. No kidding. Another great Democratic ” leader” waiting in the wings.

As of Friday afternoon, there was talk of a “mini-deal” and the ” leaders ” of our government met at the White House. The stock market, hanging onto hope for any kind of deal, again tanked on Friday. Dow Futures are down 226 points as of today, Saturday.

Can’t be good news if you have a retirement plan or own any stocks or bonds or other assets. Or participate in a managed pension plan for teachers, police and firefighters that has invested in the markets. Which they all do.

Oh, by the way, Obama plans on increasing your long-term capital gains tax on non-sheltered investment income from $15% to 39%.

Hey, seniors, depend on that money to live on? No problem. Obama and the Democrats really “care “about you, don’t you think?

This just in: Never mind. The ” leaders ” just walked out of the White House on Friday and no one said a word. Could it have been the flexibility shown by Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Geithner? They have shown virtually none regarding the issues at hand.

Sorry America. Just blame it on the Republicans and their rich friends, as mainstream media is now doing.

The President later stated that he ” was moderately hopeful  that something would get done.”

So after much ” negotiating,” it must be those ” uncaring ” Republicans who want the people to have as much of their money as possible. After all, the people worked for it, right? Seems reasonable.

Well, why haven’t the parties reached an agreement in service of the people? After all, aren’t they OUR government servants. OUR representatives?

Well, as you may know, President Obama just returned from a taxpayer paid vacation to Hawaii. He was to return a day early, and his media cheerleaders trumpeted this stunning announcement.

But alas, Obama had to get another round of golf in,  and so returned to DC a day later. Supposedly, he was concerned about the Fiscal Cliff. Funny stuff, his “concern” for the middle class.

By the way, Obama has played 110 rounds of golf in less than four years. By contrast, George W. Bush, a favorite liberal hate target, played 23 rounds in 8 years. In fact, Bush quit playing golf because he felt it was not right, given the fact that we had troops in the field risking their lives on a daily basis.

Obama, the great leader who “cares” and “relates” and “connects” has no such issue with golf and the troops. He is, as they say, ” playing on.” He spends very little time  at Walter Reed Hospital visiting our wounded troops.

You know, busy schedule – golf, Hawaii, Letterman, Leno, Pimp with a Limp, vacations, blame the video, more speeches, campaign-like stops to support class warfare taxing of the rich and other crucial matters of state.

And there was that one time before the election that he went to New Jersey because he “cared” about the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Ask those who still have no power, housing or basic assistance how they feel about the Obama administration’s handling of their misery.

Then again, you can see it on television. Oops, the Obama media doesn’t report it. I mean, these victims aren’t as important as the Hurricane Katrina casualties, are they? In fact, wasn’t it George W. Bush who caused that Hurricane?

So, what does going over the Fiscal Cliff mean for all of us in real, daily life?

Well, it means higher taxes for everyone on January 1, 2013.

Let’s look at a single person or a married couple filing jointly. If you earn $20 – 30 thousand a year, you will pay an average extra $1064 in Federal income taxes. If you earn $50 – 75 thousand a year,  you will pay an extra $2399 in taxes. If you earn $100 – 200 thousand a year, you will pay an extra $6034 in income taxes. Right out of your paycheck.

Now Obama and the Democrats have told us that they really “care” about the middle class. Even though it was George Bush who reduced taxes for everyone, it is those rich Republicans who don’t care, right? So, if the Democrats care so much, why are they allowing taxes to go up for everyone?

By the way, this doesn’t even take into account the additional $268 billion in new taxes that activate on January 1 as a result of Obamacare and other taxes. The bulk of this will be borne by the lower and middle-income classes. And our seniors. So, get a hip replacement (if they let you) and you will pay a tax on this and any other medical device.

And there are lots of new regulations on the way that will raise the prices of food, fuel and other necessities. You know, so you can get to work and have the government take more money to give to someone who doesn’t produce.

What do you say, Democrats? Do you support these policies? Do you even get it or are you still blinded by ideology?

And, by the way, you can also pay extra income taxes anytime you wish. Even Warren Buffet, now fighting the IRS for $920 million in his unpaid taxes, or the wealthy Obama Hollywood supporters could voluntarily pay more. Right now. Today.

And so could the 36 people who work in the White House (where women make 18% less than their male counterparts) that owe $856 thousand in unpaid taxes. We commoners of course must pay OUR taxes.

So, with the Fiscal Cliff, Obama gets a tax increase on everyone. Therefore, as a  dedicated Marxist-Leninist, he can further expand the Federal government. And they, in turn, can further control our lives and redistribute your hard-earned dollars to “the needy.”

By the way, when he speaks of the 99%, he is referring to the WORLD. Wait until more of your money starts going to support third world countries. After all, you are part of the social and economic injustice that is America.

What else does Obama win by failing to provide leadership to resolve the Fiscal Cliff?

Well, he gets spending cuts on January 1, 2013, including $500 million taken from the Defense Budget. Any thinking person knows that liberals despise the American military, so this is also a win for the left. These cuts can also be blamed on the Congress and the sequestration process.

Other programs will be cut that do not represent any Democratic proposal to resolve the Fiscal Cliff. This includes over $700 billion taken from Medicare and put into the implementation of Obamacare.

This will enrage many people, but blame will be placed on the Republicans by the administration and their media pals. More Democratic votes in 2014.

Lastly, Obama wins the liberal’s favorite pastime, The Blame Game. Since he hates Republicans, like any good liberal, his aim is to destroy that party in time for the midterm elections.

So, he has artfully split the Republican Party into the moderate and hard right (no new taxes) factions. By insisting on a tax increase on the discredited wealthy, he has forced the Republican hand because their leadership has agreed to a tax increase, a violation of conservative principles. This will not play well with conservative voters.

The goal is to cripple the opposition party, and by pushing for amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who have broken into our country, the dream of a permanent Democratic majority is well on its way.

After all, as the Obama lap-dog media on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, etc. has repeatedly ” reported, ”  it is the Republicans’ fault that there is no deal. The perennial ” Party of No.”

Many American people, becoming more self-absorbed and less informed every year, tend to agree with this view. Many others are simply oblivious.

Because the narrative is all that motivates Republicans is not taxing “millionaires and billionaires” who liberals despise. This disdain for conservatives and wealth simply reflects the long-held view of their leader, the community organizer and anti-American radical.

Four more years…

By the way, in Obama math, if you make $200 thousand a year as a single person, or $250 thousand a year for couples filing  jointly, you are now a Obama “millionaire!” Congratulations!

So the trifecta of not having a meaningful Fiscal Cliff deal is:

1.  Obama gets more of everyone’s money to spend. Bigger government.

2.  Spending cuts occur with disfavored budget items like defense.

3.  Obama and his Congressional pawns like Reid and Pelosi get to blame  Republicans for the entire mess and retake the House in 2014 .          

And the Obama fawning media will broadcast this stuff over and over until the least informed among us believe it.

Truth, who needs it?

The key item off the table for Obama and the Democrats is spending. Right now, for every $1 of tax collected by the Federal government, it spends $2.06. The $1.06 is borrowed money.

We spend about $9.6 billion per day to run the government. Of that, $3 billion is spent by Health and Human Services which administers programs like Medicaid, Aid For Dependent Children (welfare) and Obamacare, among many others.

The Department of Defense spends $1.8 billion per day, ostensibly to protect the American people. The Department of Homeland Security, also charged with our protection, is part of another budget classification.

The $80 billion per year tax the rich increase, the centerpiece of Obama’s presidential campaign, will run the government for about 8 1/2 days. So it is a mere drop in the ocean of government spending.

But to the class warrior, it is imperative to punish the wealthy and confiscate their unjust dollars.  Our multi-millionaire champion, Barack Obama, and his multi-millionaire cronies, Reid, Pelosi and others, will show those Republicans who REALLY cares about the middle class and the poor by punishing the successful.

After all, ” you didn’t build that.” We did!

VP Biden (D) and his wife donated $395 dollars to charity in the most recent tax year. Really caring, compassionate and everything!

So, this is one person’s opinion on the issues discussed here.

For those of us who do not like the current situation or the immediate future for our country, what to do?

Well, we learned that even with a terrible economic record, hate wins elections. You can demonize the opponent, slander them, lie about their record, hide your radicalism, say what reasonable people are hoping for, blame someone else, demonize opposition media figures, lie wantonly whenever you need to and pretend you really “care” about the average person.

Sadly, hate the rich worked very well for the Democrats. The ongoing requirement is an uninformed and oblivious electorate, filled with personal frustration, anger and regressive dreams of being taken care of by mommy and daddy government.

The ” I-me-my” generation of younger voters, ages 18 – 29, voted for Obama 60% to 37%. Minorities, groups with the highest rates of entitlements and the lowest educational rates, overwhelmingly supported Obama. Hispanics who are legal citizens are the fastest growing segment of the American population.

It is of course any group’s right to support whomever they wish.

According to a George Mason University study, of the 239, 405, 657 American citizens of voting age, 197,828,022 were registered to vote. Of this group, about 126,000,000 actually voted (57.5%).

So, 42.5% of our fellow registered voters did not bother, for whatever reasons. There were about 8,000,000 fewer voters cast than in 2008.

Another large group never even registered. When asked about the election, their response might have been ” Huh?”

But no matter how overwhelming our problems may be, elections DO have consequences and they affect ALL of us.

For those of us who see our country declining, and lacking representative leadership that strives to solve the people’s problems, we have a few options.

One, on the personal level, we can write our thoughts and feelings and toss them into the blogosphere.  Cathartic and could be of interest to others. Easy to do on sites such as

Two, we can become more active politically, supporting the candidates and issues of our choice.  Active involvement in caucuses and campaigns can be energizing and difference making. We can visit, write, call or email our US Senators and Representatives. We can even get real obnoxious about it.

Three, we can declare war on hypocrisy and lying, and support leaders and media who are truthful and willing to address our real problems. Those who vote because a candidate is ” likeable ” need to remember it is that person’s record as a leader, their governing philosophy and character that will matter.

Trite media nonsense of  ” who would you most like to have a beer with ” is irrelevant to the huge fiscal and security challenges facing us. It’s not a golfing or workout buddy you are choosing. Some of the best cons are extremely         ” likeable.” Until they steal your hard-earned money and abuse your trust.

Four, we can stop voting for incumbents. Many are originators of our current problems and, since they benefit, cannot be expected to initiate meaningful change. They have a good deal, going –  prestige, power, great health care (better than you and me), trips, lobbyist perks, on and on.

Speaking of trips, Washington State’s very liberal Congressman, Jim McDermott , a Seattle Democrat, recently went on the second most expensive ever ” fact-finding ” trip to Bali. What facts did he find? We will never know.

Get to work and let’s pay for it.  Now there’s a fact.

Five, we can encourage our fellow citizens to get involved, become informed and participate actively in our Republic. But you can’t be shy about your beliefs and the valid reasons for holding them, no matter how ” uncool ” others may think you are. You know, just chill, be laid back, smoke a joint and so on. Dumb and Numb and Proud of it.

When the people become sheep, their government becomes wolves.

Lastly, although many don’t wish to know what is happening, or how it will affect them, we can speak up about our views and present them intelligently to those in our lives.  Understanding breeds personal power for us all.

For example, how many people understand that the national debt is being passed on to our children and grandchildren? An innocent baby born at this moment inherits over $50 thousand dollars in Federal debt. Who will pay for this loan?

Many believe, for reasons mentioned here, that President Obama never had a desire to resolve the Fiscal Cliff. Others believe that, as a leftist who hates capitalism, he is deliberately trying to bankrupt our economy, thus stoking the hatred of class warfare. Still others believe he is simply incompetent and does not understand basic economic issues.

Whatever the reasons, we get to choose our fate. Anger or analysis? Blame or taking responsibility? Withdrawal or participation? Freedom and Liberty or subservience to a massive government?

Always our choice, and if reasonable people come together and find a middle ground, real change will be swept across the land by the winds of our treasured freedom.


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