September 17, 2012


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We have witnessed the tragic beating, abuse and execution of our fine Libyan Ambassador and three other embassy personnel. In addition, demonstrations and attacks have taken place in several of our embassies throughout the Middle East. Such actions by declared Muslims have also been seen in Australia and Indonesia. What is going on?

Over the weekend, U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, assured us that the Libyan action and others were caused by a previously obscure Internet video slandering the Islamic prophet. The video is obviously in bad taste, but not unlike others that bash the prophet of Christianity. We don’t see Christians rioting in protest. But this is the single cause theory embraced by Rice.

Rice further assures us that the Libyan violence did not resemble a planned action, or one coordinated in a tactical military fashion. Her background is in academia and she has no record of military service or expertise.

The President of Libya publicly states that the action was preplanned by a group of radicals. He offers information to support that claim. Furthermore, the tactics used by the murderers strongly suggest a plan, and there is evidence that such a coordinated action had been in the works for some time.

In fact, the Libyan government and others had given advanced warning to the US of this possibility, both in that country as well as others such as Egypt.

This warning did not result in increased security at our embassies. In fact, there is a question whether Marine guards were permitted to have live ammunition in their weapons.

Yesterday, Sudan informed us that we could not bring additional Marines into their country to protect our embassy personnel. This is highly irregular in diplomatic practice.

Nonetheless, in spite of strong evidence to the contrary, the Obama administration continues to insist that the theory of  “spontaneous demonstrations” due to the video explains everything. The fact that the Libyan demonstrators and others shouted ” Death to America” and burned our flag is somehow irrelevant to their conclusion.

And so mainstream media, the TV networks, print media such as the Associated Press and most cable networks have accepted this theory as fact. We caused this outrage. It is always America that is at the heart of injustice in the world. Our power corrupts. Once again, hatred directed at us is our fault, according to administration spokespersons.

It couldn’t be that a notable portion of Muslims wish to destroy us. That portion has been estimated at 15%. Although such numbers are difficult to prove, many observers assume that a substantial number are dedicated to a fundamentalist interpretation of the prophet’s word as expressed in the holy Koran.

In these circles, the concept of jihad is interpreted as a literal call to obligation as a Muslim that mandates the elimination of the non-believer. While certain non-believers may have a chance to convert, others are inevitably targets to be destroyed. Any tactic is acceptable to achieve that goal.

Currently, Israel and the US seem to be leading the league in the category of the unrepentant. Iran vows to destroy Israel, and then us. To “obliterate” both, the “little and the Great Satan”. That’s you and me.

Furthermore,  martyrdom may be seen by some as a desirable fulfillment of the Muslim’s fundamental obligation.  This becomes a glorious ending as an ultimate act of devotion to the faith.

Witness the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood which is quite explicit regarding the issue of martyrdom. They recently were invited to the White House by the Obama administration.

We note a continuation of Obama’s apparent naiveté as exemplified in the 2009 Cairo speech. While apologizing for the US, he offered the hand of friendship and collaboration. This example of “soft power” is admirable in its intent, but foolish in its sophomoric understanding of power relations in the region.

Who doesn’t wish it were otherwise?

While many faiths hold the refinement of the personal ego as a goal, and some Muslims look at the prophet’s concept of jihad in the same light, the fanatic tends to literalize such ideas. Some believers in every faith revere a sublime submission to a higher power, combined with living one’s life with values such as love, charity and compassion. This is seen as an ultimate goal in one’s earthly life.

But such noble aspirations are not embraced by all. Our administration and many media pundits and writers seem unable to grasp the idea of a faith-driven dedication to eliminate non-believers.

This tends to be dramatically alien to westerners. Although the Crusades embodied a “convert or else we will destroy you” mandate centuries ago, such radical thinking is generally absent from western faiths. Such is the case with the Buddhist and Hindu religions as well.

When one will not recognize the desire of another to destroy a way of life, the other’s behavior is explained away by blaming oneself, and minimizing  the malignant intentions of the destroyer.

The survival of our way of life, our children, our families, our embassies is not protected as fiercely as it must be.

This is the way of the Obama administration. It is classic liberal thought found in the ivory tower of academia. There, many have avoided the rough and tumble realities of life in favor of the pursuit of ideas and hopeful ideals.

Enemies may be romanticized as disadvantaged or not responsible for their actions. They are simply responding with understandable outrage.  Thus, the finger is pointed at our admittedly imperfect society, and in this case, free speech and a crass video.

When such a dedication to destroy becomes coupled with the will of a higher power and an ideology that promotes death as a grand achievement, a dangerous fanaticism is born. That fanaticism always turns outward toward those that are different.

This dynamic is seen in many forms and varying intensities in human relations throughout the world. It is the heart of intolerance, whereby others are objectified and not seen as fellow human beings seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

The human qualities of the excluded group become invisible to the fanatic.

Face it, the US has a history of being attacked by Muslim fanatics. In fact, witness the attempt on the World Trade Center in 1993, 9/11 and assorted bombers, as well as the massacre by the Army psychiatrist shouting “Allah Hu Akbar”. The latter event is called “workplace violence’ by the Obama Justice Department. Denial is thriving there.

It couldn’t be that others are dedicated to harming us, could it? Impossible. If so, it must be an isolated incident or caused by us. Not a pattern of deliberate action.

America deserves a leadership that is not afraid to recognize the truth. We need those who are prudent and will use diplomacy when possible, but military might when required. We need leaders who will stop blaming us, and provide a direction to remedy our deficiencies as a nation. We do not need liberal academics incapable of recognizing evil and fanaticism aimed at our very survival.

We don’t need another Congressional committee, or other tired and lawyerly methods by which our government dulls our innate sense of the truth.

Let’s not be fooled by the proclamations of Rice, the Obama spinners and biased media. A single Internet video can never explain all of the attacks directed at western civilization. There are now 44 Muslin versus non-Muslim conflicts on this earth. Why?

We must have the courage to fight for our way of life. While imperfect, values such as tolerance, individual freedom and free expression are at our foundation as a nation.

Recognizing our dedicated enemy is the first step. Enough propaganda foisted on the American people by this administration and their equally deluded allies. Enough.


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  1. Excellent once again! I am very weak on foreign policy and am learning a lot through your articles. Thank you for writing them!

    You said, “This dynamic is seen in many forms and varying intensities in human relations throughout the world. It is the heart of intolerance, whereby others are objectified and not seen as fellow human beings seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones. The human qualities of the excluded group become invisible to the fanatic.”

    This is so true! And very insightful because it has happened all throughout history, as I am sure you are well aware. The Nazis dehumanized Jews and the mentally disabled in order to justify their killing, Southerners in the Civil War era dehumanized blacks in order to justify their enslavement and abuse of other humans, even cannibals dehumanize their victims before they engage in their atrocious acts. This is a bit off of your subject, but I can’t help but wonder if there is something innately in us that testifies to how WRONG this is and therefore we must dehumanize before we can victimize? This is so clearly the case with the Muslim extremists, as you so articulately point out. A conscience perhaps? Or a moral compass? I can’t help but believe this to be the case. It’s as if those who act against their conscience so often suddenly don’t hear the voice of their conscience anymore. Lord, help us!

    Have a great Monday!

    – Steph

    Comment by Steph Nelson — September 17, 2012 @ 7:58 pm

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