September 13, 2012


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Where did our outrage go? Who said everyone in the world was potentially our friend? Why can’t we recognize those who would destroy us?

Another series of events is underway in the Middle East, with the theme being the destruction of America.  Our ambassador and three others were murdered in what appears to have been a planned attack. Four of our embassies and consulates have been attacked in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia.

We are told by many in the media that these attacks were catalyzed by an Internet video criticizing a key religious figure in Islam. This supposedly provided some justification for the actions of the mob.

The facts would suggest otherwise, with this a strategic and militarily executed operation against our deceased Libyan Ambassador, a good man by all accounts, and his colleagues.

Egyptian President Morsi,  whose Muslim Brotherhood government was recently welcomed to the White House, announced that his country would bring legal action in the US against the maker of the Internet video. His government essentially did nothing to prevent the attack on our embassy in Cairo. He intends to lobby the US for the release of the “blind sheik,” who inspired the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

Prior to the assault on the Egyptian embassy, the State Department issued a statement decrying those who would “hurt the feelings of Muslims.” This was apparently meant to defuse the situation. Then the embassy was stormed and burned.  Don’t they read our tweets?

This of course is what happens when you attempt to appease a vicious enemy set on destroying you. Rage will intensify, and not diminish, when rational approaches are attempted. The fanatic is immune to reason. This is difficult for a reasonable people to understand.

The response of the Obama administration has been lukewarm, with the usual platitudes about “thoughts and prayers”. Both he and Secretary of State Clinton announced, in flat unemotional voices, that we would seek “justice”. The US moved two warships off the Libyan coast. We are sending 50 Marines to protect our embassies.

Then, in the midst of this crisis, Obama went to Las Vegas for a fund-raising trip. He is scheduled to appear with David Letterman, and then an event with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

His opponent, Governor Romney, criticized Obama for a lack of leadership. He clearly outlined a firm, principled American policy toward the Middle East and the world in general.

Remarkably to some, as evidenced by taped “backstage” conversations, media colluded to ask Romney questions that would embarrass him. At his news conference, there was no attempt to assign blame to the fascists for the attacks, or the policies of the Obama administration. The focus was on the timing of  his statement. This is the critical issue?

Something has happened in our country to dull our ability for outrage. In fact, many of us are unable to fathom the idea that others want to destroy us. This seems incomprehensible. After all we are good people.

Because, really, aren’t we all the same? Didn’t Oprah tell us we should be forgiving? Don’t counselors preach “letting go” and “anger management”? Isn’t political correctness and diversity training essential? Shouldn’t we recognize all cultures as equal?  Aren’t men supposed to be sensitive and decry aggression?

The Obama administration, loaded with leftist academics, is leading the charge against American power.  Our President was not raised in this country. He does not buy into core American values. He is an apologist who bows to foreign leaders and sees the US as an unjust oppressor in the world.

These are standard radical leftist ideas, and they explain why our leadership is incapable of a fiercely determined and public response to the Islamic fascists.

In fairness, Obama did continue the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, withdrawing from the first and announcing our exit date for the second. He has continued the drone and special operations offensive against the terrorists. He must see the threat at some level. As George Bush noted,  when the next President, Obama,  knew what he knew, viewpoints would change.

Yet, curiously, we have decried use of  the phrase “war on terror,” calling such events ” man-made disasters” and “overseas contingency operations.” 

Domestic terrorists such as the Oklahoma City bomber, or Christian groups, or returning war Veterans, are seen as equivalent threats by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Why?

It is implied that Muslim grievances against the US are somehow justified by our insensitivity to a different culture. All we have to do is be nice and they will be our friend.

Obama now assures us that we must “stay engaged” by passing out a scheduled $1.3 billion to Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood and $115 million to Libya.

Everyone happy to go to work today to provide these monies for our “friends”?

The truth is that Islamists have been at war with the world and one another since the 10th century death of the prophet. The objective of the radicals is the destruction of  “infidels” (you and me),  and the sole supremacy of Islam. In their view, it is the spiritual imperative of every Muslim. In this iteration, it is  a primitive,  exclusionary religion, and while timely in the 10th century, now represents barbarism in the 21st.

For example, Iran repeatedly threatens to destroy the democracy of Israel. As Hitler was, they are serious and dedicated to this end. The US is next. Obama, busy campaigning to maintain power, snubs the Israeli Prime minister yet again.

Maybe we could just go get a latte’ with the Iranian President and the mullahs once they get to know us?  US naiveté at its worst as our foreign policy.

And where are the feminist voices decrying the systematic and Sharia mandated abuse of women and girls in the Middle East? Nowhere to be found.  

Because the leftist believes in the just position of the “oppressed,” they are unable to stand strongly for their country and its traditions. They cannot see that an enemy exists that wishes to destroy them, not because they aren’t good-hearted, but because they are of the wrong faith.

This is unfathomable to us. Doesn’t everyone know what a tolerant  people we are? How could anyone espouse this in the 21st century?

After all, look at Obama’s eloquent and hopeful speech at Cairo University in 2009. He wanted us all to get along, apologizing for the actions of the US and its “arrogance” in the past.

He recently told us of the wonders of the “Arab Spring” and supported the overthrow of stable though oppressive governments. Facebook and Twitter would save the world, the liberals assured us. Free peoples everywhere!

Yet, he was silent when Iranians took to the streets, and offers nothing to stop the merciless slaughter of the Syrian people today.

The best organized and most ruthless faction always seizes power. It is power, and power only, that commands widespread respect in the Middle East. Compassion and friendship may or may not follow. The naive are always crushed by the forces of darkness. Only meeting them with greater force can provide restraint and true hope for change. Sad, but true.

And so this is our world. It is clear that America needs leadership that embraces the “peace through strength” doctrine, distasteful though it might be. We have tried appeasement, be it Carter or Obama, and the results are painfully clear today.

Wake up from the dream that affluence has brought us. Whether you are left or right, there is a dedicated war on western civilization, and the US and Israel are the chief targets.

If not, we will once again painfully experience radical Islamic violence in our land, with all the incomprehensible madness that accompanies such acts.

Remember 9/11, 2976 of our fellow citizens lost forever…

We need true and determined  leadership. Now more than ever.  Our choice.



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  2. worth reading and thoughtful…

    Comment by psychpol — September 13, 2012 @ 3:03 pm

  3. Scary times call for clear and realistic assessment of what is true on our planet today. Pay attention people! We need leadership, not appeasement. Thanks for a clear view of what is happening this week.
    Joan R

    Comment by Joan R — September 13, 2012 @ 3:45 pm

  4. This is an excellent and well-written account of what is going on right now. I found it very educational and inspiring. The “tolerance” gig isn’t even really working in our own country, let alone us expecting other cultures to operate under it. Thank you for writing it! I look forward to perusing your blog more in the future!

    – S

    Comment by Steph Nelson — September 15, 2012 @ 8:24 pm

    • Thanks Steph,

      Now that I know who you are, it is even more fun!


      Comment by psychpol — September 17, 2012 @ 12:18 am

      • Haha! Sorry I didn’t explain who I was initially. 🙂 I’m so glad Liz told me about your blog. I know of a few others who would also enjoy reading what you have to write and so I plan to pass your blog info along.

        – S

        Comment by Steph Nelson — September 17, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

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