August 3, 2012

Why have I started this Blog?

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My interest is in helping us understand one another, how we function psychololgically, and how to gain a clearer picture of political and world events. How does our psychology affect our political choices and beliefs? What is happening in us and around us? How do our brains influence what we believe or disbelieve? How does our world, including media, shape our understandings?

How can understanding promote clear discussion and rational decisions as individuals within a society? Who is “for real” and who is spinning and why? What are the consequences?

I also hope to share answers to questions you may have about your personal life. There will be no formal diagnosis of your issue, because I do not know you, but rather solid suggestions for how to secure the professional assistance or support you may require.

I hope to illuminate our thinking regarding the political scene and where our country may be headed.

This blog will analyze the issues that are bothering many of us today. It will point out how we can know ourselves and regain our power to choose a sensible path.

It may help you with life situations and your choices. It will provide solid and useful information that you may choose to employ in your life.

And, I will toss in a few personal song lyrics here and there that may be helpful, and, once I figure it out, post other media to make the point.

So, the twin themes of our individual psychology and our political life will be the focus.

I will always strive to present you with questions, good information and a forum for discussing the issues of our time.

Come on along for the ride! This is your home for ideas and questions!

TODAY’S QUESTION: How did you arrive at your current political preference, and why?

Dr. D.


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